Open a European Company in Poland

Open a European Company in Poland to Cut Costs and Access Strong New Markets

When you seek to open a European company, you have several goals in mind. Whether you want to open up a new revenue stream in a robust, young economy, escape an oppressive tax structure or seek to benefit from a cheaper labor force, you really are basically looking to do one of two things. Almost every European company formation by a foreign business owner either seeks to cut costs, or access new markets, plain and simple. Polish company formation effectively delivers both of those results, so you get an awesome “double dip” of bottom line enhancement for your business.

As far as access to new markets, Polish company formation delivers a market that only joined the European Union (EU) in 2004. One of the last countries to join the EU, their markets and economy are young and fresh, and getting a foothold in Poland now is an excellent way to make a name for your business in the years to come in this bright, young EU country. For those that don’t know, quiet Poland has structured their economy to take advantage of geographical and geo-political characteristics in Europe to develop an economy that has in a few short years shown a sustainable 5% growth.

And even though they are relatively new, if you choose Polish company formation as your destination, you are accessing the largest market in Central Europe. There economic strength is such that they are larger than the other nine EU countries in Central Europe combined. Labour costs are low if you desire to open up a branch office, and tax and regulation benefits abound.

Foreign investment in the form of Polish company formation has increased exponentially as of late, and there is still ample room for your business to take part in this ground-floor opportunity. To make things even more attractive, the Polish Government lowered corporate tax from 27% to 18% the year they joined the EU, and the stifling Communist mindset for business management is gone. Full repatriation of profits and capital is allowed, and the 20% unemployment rate means that highly skilled labour can be accessed for minimal cost.

Open a European Company in Poland

As if that was not enough to entice you to consider Polish company formation when you open a European company, flat-out cash incentives are also available. When filed in a particular manner, your company can qualify for 25% to 50% grants from the Polish government for setting up business in their country. This shows how dedicated Poland is to continuing their dominance in Central Europe by bringing in foreign investors to employ their citizenry.

Obviously, Poland is a shining jewel in the crown of European company formation, but filing regulations are very specific. Contact only a seasoned Polish company formation specialist that employs trusted local Polish attorneys and accountants to handle your incorporation. These business pros live and work in the exact place you are seeking incorporation, and know the bureaucrats and workers needed to make your business opening a success. So what are you waiting for? Contact your European company formation specialist today, and your business can benefit from a strong, young market through Polish company formation sooner than you think.

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