Company Incorporation Sweden

Sweden has been officially neutral and at peace for the entire 20th century, which goes some way to explaining its prosperity and security today. With a stable economy that is strongly oriented towards foreign trade, it is a natural choice for international investors seeking new territorial markets. Sweden is also firmly committed to the welfare state and the high tax rates that are needed to fund it, so it is essential to take professional advice on tax planning and related issues if you are considering a incorporating a company in Sweden. Please contact us for details of our range of Swedish company formation packages.

Company Formation FAQs

  • What are the main types of Company Formation in Sweden?
  • What are the main features of a Private Limited Company?
  • What are the main features of a Public Limited Company?
  • What are the reporting requirements for Limited Companies?
  • What are the main features of a Branch?
  • How do Partnerships work?
  • What about Sole Traders?
  • How easy is it to recruit staff in Sweden?
  • What is the Swedish Company Registration regulatory environment like?
  • How easy is it to close a Swedish company?
  • Are there financial incentives available for those considering Company Formation Sweden?
  • And what about banking facilities?

Branch and Subsidiary Information

Open a Branch in Sweden

Sweden offers a stable economy and various financial incentives to foreign investors looking to move into the country’s business market.

Establishing a Swedish branch company must be done within the regulations set by the Act on Branches of Foreign Companies (Lagen om utländska filialer).

Any EU or EEA company may establish a branch in Sweden without restriction.

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Open a Subsidiary in Sweden

Sweden’s geographical position is great for doing business with the prosperous markets of Scandinavia and Europe.

The country is also economically advanced, with a strong infrastructure, high quality of life and competitive corporate tax system.

Foreign investors can enjoy various financial incentives. The regulations applicable for establishment in Sweden depend on the form of company chosen for the subsidiary.

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