Open A Subsidiary In Sweden

Introduction to setting up a Swedish subsidiary

Sweden’s geographical position is great for doing business with the prosperous markets of Scandinavia and Europe. The country is also economically advanced, with a strong infrastructure, high quality of life and competitive corporate tax system. Foreign investors can enjoy various financial incentives. The regulations applicable for establishment in Sweden depend on the form of company chosen for the subsidiary.

What are the main formalities of a Swedish subsidiary?

  • The minimum share capital required for a private limited company is 50 000 SEK
  • The minimum share capital required for a public limited company is 500,000 SEK
  • The Memorandum & Articles of Association of the subsidiary
  • The resolution of the parent company detailing its decision to form the subsidiary

The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) requires the above documents to be filed in order for subsidiary registration.

All required documents must be officially notarised and translated into Swedish by a sworn translator.

What are the accounting requirements of a Swedish subsidiary?

The subsidiary must register with the National Tax Board for corporation tax and VAT. The Tax Board will issue the subsidiary with a corporation tax card (F-skattsedel) and an F- or FA-tax certificate, proving that you are registered for both forms of tax.

VAT returns should be submitted quarterly, and tax returns annually.

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Subsidiary Formation Packages

Our expert knowledge of European formation requirements and provision of subsidiary formation packages will manage the entire process on your behalf. Services included in our subsidiary formation packages include subsidiary and VAT registration. We have a wealth of experience and will successfully organise every aspect of your incorporation with minimum disruption to your business.

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