Company Incorporation Estonia

Estonia’s economy has boomed in recent years as it has pursued a liberal business agenda in preparation for EU membership, which was finally achieved in 2004. Foreign investment has flooded into this small Baltic state enabling it to create a relatively relaxed environment for the international business community.

However, Estonia is still developing and investors considering establishing a company in the country should tread carefully. It is particularly important here to seek professional advice on all legal, financial and tax matters.

We have a network of experienced local advisers, so please contact us for help regarding company registration in Estonia.

Company Formation FAQs

Branch and Subsidiary Information

Open a Branch in Estonia

Estonia’s relatively relaxed business environment makes it popular for foreign investment, but there are certain rules to abide by when setting up a branch.

All company formation and business proceedings are regulated by the Commercial Code and so you must adhere to this when establishing a branch in Estonia.

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