Company Incorporation Austria

A prosperous and sophisticated business centre and a traditional trading bridge to Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Austria actively welcomes foreign investors considering company formation in the country. Setting up a company here is physically very easy; there is plenty of office and industrial space available, both for short and long term let and we can provide serviced office facilities. However there are important procedural issues to contend with.

The company, which may be a Partnership or Corporation must be registered. For the incorporation of a Limited Liability Company  [GmbH] or a Stock Corporation [AG], this involves paying a nominal share capital. Compliance with Austria’s “Gewerberecht”, or professional requirements for businesses is also mandatory.

Company Formation FAQs

  • What is the most common type of company formation in Austria?
  • How much share capital is required to establish a GmbH?
  • What other requirements are there for a GmbH?
  • What other types of Austrian company formation are there?
  • What are the formalities regarding Austrian incorporation?
  • How easy is it to recruit staff?
  • What is the regulatory environment like?
  • How easy is it to close an Austrian company?
  • Are there financial incentives available for company registration in Austria – and what about banking facilities?

Branch and Subsidiary Information

Open a Branch in Austria

Introduction to setting up an Austrian branch

Austria actively encourages foreign investors, ensuring that they have basically the same requirements as citizens of the country. Numerous procedures involved in the branch formation process are the same as setting up a company, although the timescale is slightly longer due to more complex documentation. The name of the branch must end in ‘Zweigniederlassung Osterreich’ (Branch Austria) or ‘Zweigniederlassung Wien’ (Branch Vienna). Additional regulations and restrictions may be dictated by the Austrian jurisdiction in which the branch is domiciled.

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Open a Subsidiary in Austria

Introduction to setting up an Austrian subsidiary

Establishing a subsidiary in Austria is much the same as forming a company in terms of requirements. The New Companies Promotion Act (NeuFöG) supports new businesses setting up in Austria by helping to moderate the cost of formation. Forming a subsidiary in Austria is favourable for foreign investors as its geographical position is well positioned as a step towards successful trading in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

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