Company Incorporation Germany

If you are a foreign investor and wish to consider German company formation, you have a broad spectrum of options. You could take a cautious view and start with a one-person sales office based within a serviced office (we can help you with this). If it doesn’t work out, you can easily withdraw without having invested very much capital.

Or you could have the courage of your convictions, and set up business in Germany in a manner that makes it clear that you really mean business. Our German company formation service makes it easy for you to establish whatever kind of company you want, from a Sole Trader through to a Partnership or Corporation.

Company Formation FAQs

  • What are the main types of German company formation?
  • What are the main features of a Limited Liability Corporation (GmbH)?
  • What are the main features of a Stock Corporation (AG)?
  • What are the main features of a Partnership?
  • What are the main features of a Sole Proprietor company?
  • If I have a company in another country, can I set up a Branch in Germany?
  • How easy is it to recruit staff?
  • What is the regulatory environment like?
  • How easy is it to close a German company?
  • Does German company registration offer financial incentives -- and what about the banking facilities?

Branch and Subsidiary Information

Open a Branch in Germany

In terms of economy Germany is a good choice for foreign investors to establish a branch. Incorporation of the branch is similar to that of German resident companies, although the registration procedure is slightly longer. The branch must take the name of the parent company with its legal form attached to the end i.e. branch or German branch.

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Open a Subsidiary in Germany

Germany has a central location in Europe as well as a strong economy which makes it conducive to business. Trade and commerce in the country is regulated by the Commercial Code (HGB) and the Civil Code (BGB). Foreign subsidiaries are treated equally with domicile companies, but special authorisation may be required for particular trades.

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