Trade Marks

Trademarks are one of the most valuable tools in the promotion and recognition of your business. A trademark distinguishes you from your competitors and helps consumers to identify the origin and quality of a product or service.

Basically, a trademark represents the way in which companies launch and sell goods and services, communicating the essence of new products and lines, highlighting why it is great and better than all competing products.

We can provide assistance with the registration of your Trade Mark in the following territories:

  • European Union (EUIPO)
  • United States (USPTO)
  • Switzerland (IGE)
  • France (INPI)

Before you choose a final name and protect it as a trademark, you should make sure that the name or logo is original and that it is not already registered. Before applying for a trademark, it is highly recommended that you perform a pre-filing search in order to identify any identical or similar trademarks, protected / used in the same business sector. By going through these steps, you will save money and avoid possible conflicts with the owners of the earlier marks and possible rejections from the national offices.

The forms below are the main steps in starting the protection and development of your business – please complete them so that we can contact you to review and help you with your project:

  1. Trademark availability research form
  2. Trademark filing form

Our associates specialize in intellectual property and have great experience in all kinds of IP-related matters, from worldwide trademark registration to customized protection strategies and specialized consultancy adapted to your company requirements.

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