Open A Branch In Norway

Introduction to setting up a Norway branch

Norway has a favourable attitude to foreign investment and establishing a branch in Norway is a popular choice. There are a few restrictions on the name of the branch – it is compulsory to end in “Norsk avdeling av utenlandsk foretak” (Norwegian branch of foreign company) – but generally it is a straightforward procedure.

What are the formalities regarding Norway branches?

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company
  • A copy of the parent company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • A copy of the parent company’s Certificate of Good Standing
  • A formal resolution from the parent company’s board of directors detailing the decision to establish the branch
  • A Norwegian branch representative should be assigned

There is no share capital required to set up a Norwegian branch.

The documents detailed above are required for branch registration with the Norwegian Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities.

All required documentation must be officially notarised and translated into Norwegian by a certified translator.


What are the accounting requirements for a Norway Branch?

The branch must present both its own and parent company’s accounts to the Register of Company Accounts to register for taxation purposes and duties.

VAT returns of the branch should be filed bi-monthly and tax returns annually.

If the yearly turnover of the branch is less than NOK 5 million, the appointment of an auditor is not required.

Further information on accountancy and tax rates in Norway can be found by visiting our partners Accountancy In Europe.


What office facilities are available when registering a branch?

Norway hosts three types of office:

  • Registered offices are effective addresses for branch correspondence
  • Virtual offices provide off-site communication through facilities such as telephone, fax and mail forwarding
  • Serviced offices are ready for immediate occupation and include all required business services


Branch formation packages

Our team of experts can manage the entire branch formation process for you. We offer a branch formation package that includes services such as branch and VAT registration, ensuring that every aspect of the procedure is carried out in a professional and efficient manner.

We can also provide branch formation packages for multiple branches. There are various benefits of establishing multiple branches, including increased exposure and global presence, and our experience and expertise in European formation requirements allow you to relax while we organise everything for you.


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