Establish a recruitment agency in Poland – where do you begin?

According to figures issued by the Ministry of Family and Social policy in Poland in March 2021, Poland had one of the lowest unemployment figures at 3.1% within the European Union. Their approach and consistently implemented anti-crisis measures have been positively assessed by the International Monetary Fund according to Minister Maląg. According to the IMF, it is thanks to the actions of the government that Poland is well prepared for the recovery period. According to experts, the implementation of the implemented support programs was quick and effective, which has helped to reduce the long-term effects of the pandemic for the Polish economy.  This creates an opportunity for recruitment firms to bring in foreign labour into the Polish market.

Who is investing in Poland?

There has been a lot of foreign investment into Poland in recent years, according to Santander Trade,  foreign direct investment into Poland remained stable with the following countries making the main investments:  Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and the UK in the areas of manufacturing, financial & insurance activities, retail & wholesale as well as smaller  % in professional, scientific and technical services. This also means that jobs will be created within the service industry for those members of staff coming in from other countries.

It sounds like a perfect time to look at establishing a recruitment agency in Poland but where do you begin?

Well, the good news is that setting up a recruitment company in Poland is less complex than setting up in France or Italy for example. Company directors need to have clear criminal records and a criminal record check is an absolute necessity that we can support with. There are also some additional formal obligations, including the filing of annual statements, including statistical data of their business activity, including how many employees were recruited into employers and what countries.  As a result, accountancy services for these types of companies are a little bit more expensive than standard companies.

Setting up a limited liability company in Poland

Setting up a limited liability company in Poland is fairly straightforward. If you use a shelf company then the approximate timescales for setting up is around 2-4 weeks from the notary appointment. The changes that are confirmed at the registry declare that the company is owned by individuals or companies. An appointment of a new director and shareholder is effective from the date of signing respective documents (resolutions, share purchase agreement). Clients are allowed to act on behalf of the company from the date when the transfer documents are signed in Poland. This law is also respected by banks.

Office facilities and staff in Poland

Practical considerations to think about are office facilities, staff and whether you will need to manage this from Poland.  Where will you locate your office? Warsaw, Krakow, or somewhere closer to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Lithuania? Don’t forget Poland is landlocked and has borders with several countries within the EU as well as  Ukraine and Belorussia. It is uniquely positioned within the Eastern part of Europe to be able to link and do effective business with these countries.

Do you have an experienced manager who can run the business in Poland or will you need to go over there to keep an eye on the business? If this is the case, the other consideration you need to think about is immigration. If you hold a non- EU passport, you will need to look at immigration formalities (not only for you but also for your dependents).

Contact us and we can support you with setting up a recruitment company in Poland smoothly and effectively so that you can concentrate on the commercial details that matter to expand your business.