Start a German Company Without Leaving Your Home Country

Perhaps you have looked into overseas incorporation, and have decided you’d like to start a German company, but you are either too busy or don’t want to spend the extra money needed to travel to Germany and handle incorporation yourself.

If this is the case, you should know that in this information age of instant access to all corners of the globe, it is very simple as a non-resident to open a branch office of your current business, create an entirely new company, or incorporate in a host of business entities anywhere in the world without leaving your living room. Germany, in an attempt to spur its economy during these tough economic times, has made opening businesses for nonresident investors very attractive in many ways.

German Business structures

There are business structures Germany offers to the overseas investor that allow single shareholder incorporation, low regulation partnerships, sole proprietorships with very attractive features for the business owner and several other types of business incorporation. Once you’ve decided you’re going to start a German company, you should know that there are four major types of German business incorporation. They are a Limited Liability Corporation (GmbH), Stock Corporation (AG), General and Limited Partnerships and Sole Proprietorship.

General and limited partnerships are a big hit for small and family-run businesses, which only require a minimum of two partners. And one of these partners, by German law, can even be a Limited Liability Corporation, or GmbH. The benefit of being a partner with a company you own should be obvious, but a seasoned global company formation specialist can walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of this business incorporation type, as well as any other.

Limited Liability Corporations are generally the choice of private companies, and individual overseas investors because of their asset protection qualities. A Stock Corporation or AG is a business designation usually reserved for larger companies and public companies, and a Sole Proprietorship is far and away the least regulated German business entity, and the simplest to set up. There are also ready-made companies which have been formed, have already had all filing and registration hurdles crossed and fees paid, and are simply waiting for you to take ownership. This is one way to develop overnight respectability by becoming the owner of an “aged” corporation and is one of the fastest routes to business ownership.

Company formation specialist in Germany

As long as you work with a global company formation specialist who has developed relationships with business professionals who live and work in Germany and understand the cultural and regulatory needs and requirements there, business incorporation can be handled quickly and efficiently. So, if you would like to start a German company without leaving your home country, contact a global company formation specialist firm and get all your questions answered on a live online chat, and you could be the proud owner of a German corporation quicker than you ever imagined.

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