Setting Up a company in Norway

Norway enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world and is a major seafaring nation that is the third highest natural gas exporter on the planet with an Oil Industry that brings in around $40bn per annum.  Over half of the country’s exports come from this sector with other large contributors being machinery, metal products and fishing.bigstock-Trolltunga-Summer-View-norway-60244061

With a population of about 5 million people and a Gross National Income of around $88,870 per capita, Norway is a wealthy and stable (both politically and economically) country. Foreign investment within the country is welcomed and is largely treated the same as domestic investment except in cases where the government feels it would be disadvantageous to the state.

With a temperate climate and stunning vista, Norway is famed for its Fijords and mountains which attract most of its tourism trade. With a large state sector complimenting the vibrant and burgeoning private sector, Norway has a low rate of unemployment and saves revenue, predominantly garnered from state interests in the Oil industry, in a Sovereign State Fund that is used to help finance the public sector.

It’s this level of economic prosperity that helps create a burgeoning and diverse economy and with strong trade links with Scandinavia and the EU (although not officially a member), Norway offers a route into other European and international markets.

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