International Festival for Business 2014

International Festival for Business 2014

In June and July this year the 2014 International Festival for Business will be running a series of global business events in Liverpool.

Global representation of more than 250,000 business professionals will convene over one hundred events. From entrepreneurs, to start ups and blue chip corporations, the festival engages businesses from all corners of the UK and the world.

In addition to being a huge networking opportunity, the festival will also accelerate UK economic growth by bringing up to £100 million of direct investment into the country as well as expediting the number of UK exports by the year 2020.

During the months of June and July, key industry sectors will have their own themed week. The six main sectors include:

Maritime, Logistics and Energy – focus on the UK ports industry and development of world-class facilities using innovative technology

Higher and Further Education and Research – developing partnerships between education and business by coordinating education and industry skills

Cities, Enterprise and Urban Business – looking at the interaction of cities and geographical regions when trading and manufacturing

Manufacturing, Science and Technology – presenting the cutting edge science and technology developments in the UK

Knowledge, Professional and Financial Services – demonstrating the provision of financial and professional services through the UK’s world leading international centre

Low Carbon and Renewables – world-class solutions to providing sustainable and renewable sources of energy

Knowledge, Creative and Digital – this includes sectors such as advertising, music, fashion, TV, film, design, digital technology, software development and gaming

Businesses can benefit from the festival by learning more about the key industry sectors and how they can utilize them to support and develop their own business operations and success. For more information about getting involved with the festival or to register for the newsletter, click here.