Worldwide Company Formation – What Types of Businesses Can I Open?

Worldwide Company Formation 

What Types of Businesses Can I Open?


If you’re seeking to establish a business presence for your existing company or a brand-new company in a country outside of your physical presence, you no doubt have already been made aware of the awesome advantages many countries offer nonresident investors. The most common benefits to your business that attract business owners to worldwide company formation are excellent nonresident tax strategies, access to global markets, access to advantageous trade routes, and increased personal and property liability.

And as a business owner, or even as a newbie to business ownership, you understand that the separate cultures and business regulation agencies around the world will certainly offer different advantages and benefits for different types of business structures. For instance, a Limited Liability Corporation provides just that. By limiting the liability to the business owners this can be a very attractive business entity to establish. When that business entity, known as an LLC, is built in a country far removed from your physical presence, an even bigger layer of liability protection is established. But you still need to know which country offers the friendliest LLC advantages.

Some of you may only wish to benefit from the cachet and prestige that a business address in a particular city or country can offer you. You may live in the most impoverished and economically poor city in your country, however, for a very small fee, you can own a business registered in any city in the world. Think about the benefits of owning a business incorporated in New York, New York, USA, or Paris, France. By owning a virtual office with call forwarding and mail forwarding, you become a global player overnight.

There are also of course those business owners with bigger needs. If you would like to open a branch office in a country other than that in which you reside, you certainly must understand the labor profile and staffing requirements, as well as the business regulations surrounding opening a physical office in the country of your choosing.

So, to answer your question, which type of business should you open? Whether choosing a branch office, LLC, or virtual business presence as discussed above, or opening any of the other myriad of business entities, you have to have access to local business pros worldwide to be able to choose the correct destination for your global company formation efforts.

Worldwide company formation is only successful when you deal with a firm who has years of experience working hand-in-hand with trusted and respected local business pros around the globe. Contact your global company incorporation specialists for a free consultation phone call or live online chat session today, and be one step closer to worldwide company formation.


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