The Emergence of the East

The Emergence of the East

After the downfall of the Soviet Union many countries from Eastern Europe were welcomed into the European fold and the market opened up both ways furthering trade and business opportunities.

Growth in Eastern Europe has seen many a savvy entrepreneur make the most of the clamour for western goods since the fall of communism along with the cheap labour that is abound with large swathes of the population seeking out new skills and qualifications in order to get them further afield in the once so limited job market however many, certainly of a certain generation, don’t consider Eastern Europe when it comes to investment which may be a great folly. bigstock-Moscow-On-A-Globe-3030390

Countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland have emerged as strong economies in the new European Union with their seizing of initiatives in technology and industry whilst nations like Hungary and Romania have made the most of their unparalleled natural beauty and moved into tourism in a big way.

The brave may even consider Ukraine as an option. Despite its political turmoil in recent years, its break from Russia has seen it firmly align itself with the EU and as such it has received tremendous backing and could receive further financial boosts from its European partners and Western parts of the country remain relatively stable.

Russia itself has flourished from the downfall of communism as it is now a major player on the global energy scene with massive oil and gas reserves as well as the heavy machinery industries associated with it and other sectors taking off like technology and defence. Its location at the crossroads of Europe have seen it make the most of its geographical location with major trade deals with the EU and China coming into place in recent months as well as warming relations with America over the past twenty years seeing more trade between these once sworn enemies.

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