The Benefits of European Company Formation and How We Can Help


The Benefits of European Company Formation and How We Can Help


Starting a Business in Europe

So you have your idea for starting a business in Europe and you know it’s a winner. Now you need a name that gets you noticed. It needs to stand out from the crowd and there are many ways to do this. Some businesses choose a name which begins near the start of the alphabet so they will be the first name people see in a directory. Aadvark Enterprises anyone?


What do you see your company’s ethos to be? Do you want to give the impression of security, stability and dependability? Or maybe you’re business is more art-orientated. You mightlike to think of a quirky name that will grab the attention of the client. When considering european company formation, a name including a colour will give a visual edge or maybe an animal – the world is your lobster.


Firstly though you will need to check the name has not been taken already. There are several websites to help. Just tap “trademark name search” into your search engine and the answer is there or call us and we can give you further guidance.


Company Formation Benefits

Starting a business in Europe has many benefits. Firstly, you have a market of more than 20 countries with common bonds and policies. There are many intricacies to starting a business in Europe but our company can help you sail through them. There’s no need to spend hours on mastering incorporation law or scaling mountains of paperwork. We can bring the whole package to you and save the headaches with our access to the best lawyers and accountants who are conversant with every last detail of their country’s requirements.


One of the first things you will need to do is open a bank account in your country of choice. But don’t worry, we have specialists who know how to cut through all the red tape and negotiate a low minimum turnover threshold. Tax is a four-letter word to many companies but few know of the actual tax benefits of opening a company in Europe. That’s where our experts come in. If you live in a high-tax country but open your business in a country with low or zero tax you may be able to attribute profits to that country and so pay less tax.


As for raising money for the continued growth of your business, we have consultants on hand to make sure your company is seen in the best possible light and ensure finance is raised in the most favourable conditions. All in all it’s a good time to be setting up a business in Europe. Many markets are showing gradual but defined growth for the first time in many months. With our backing you will hit the wave at just the right time and be riding high before you know it.

For more information or help with starting your company, visit us today here: company formation europe.

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