Open A European Company

Open A European Company – Which EU Country Should You Choose?

In most of Europe, as opposed to the United States and other more stifling countries, the tax laws are very forgiving and open. A European company registration however does not immediately mean exemption from corporate tax, although there are many countries such as Ireland that offer absolute exemption for a period of time in exchange for business incorporation there. There are close to 50 countries in the European Union, and though many commonalities exist, these countries are all rather small, and fight fiercely for every foreign dollar they can attract. But due to economic and geographical features, the business rewards available to the foreign investor are as complex and diverse as the European countries and cultures themselves.

If you qualify to open a European company headquarters, either physically or in designation only, the time spent choosing the correct EU company formation specialist now will pay off in tax and business regulations which mirror your goals and produce the desired results for years to come. Rushing through the initial filing is definitely not the way to go, and boiler-plate documents for incorporation do unfortunately abound, so steer clear of low-ball, “too good to be true” offers. They probably are. So if the dangers of unprofessional company formation “specialists” are evident everywhere, how do you know who to choose when you open a European company status for your business? Honest communication is the answer.

How would you like to discuss your business plans with a European company formation specialist who has agents in the field in every EU country? When formulating a plan of attack with you, this type of expert is very frank and open. A European company registration means different things in different places, and two municipalities that are separated by no more than a guard shack can have drastically unique business and tax practices you need to adhere to. When you deal with a company that has business representatives that live and work in the country that best matches your goals, these locals provide you with an invaluable resource that will keep you abreast of any and all changing statutes and laws, and can work the system to your advantage.

And if speed is required, being able to employ local attorneys and accountants who work daily with the business professionals needed to push your registration through gives you a huge advantage. In many cases, one day service from start to finish can be arranged, and even proxy representation for your business is available to keep you from spending valuable time and money flying overseas.

When you open a European company presence in the correct country, with the appropriate paperwork handled precipitously by trusted local attorneys and accountants who grasp the local business machinations in each EU country, you ensure your business success, and begin a long and fruitful European business relationship.