Open a European Company and the Plimsoll Report 2011.

Open a European Company and the Plimsoll Report 2011.

We are very pleased and honoured this year to have just received confirmation that out of the 72 companies in the company formation industry, a new Study by the highly regarded “Plimsoll Group” who have been analysing businesses worldwide since 1987, has found our company not only to be in the top 33 but after extensive research has found we are in a very “strong” position going into 2011, despite the current state of the world economy.

This report analyses opportunities in the ever changing market, dangers the industry faces and how we are best placed to take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the potential dangers ahead.

The Plimsoll Analysis looked at the 72 companies operating in the competitive market: “Company Formation and Registration Agents”. One thing they found was that incredibly a third of those analysed were making a loss and 25 of them were in fact, in financial danger.

We are pleased to announce we came out as one of the…

TOP COMPANY FORMATION AGENTS in the “Plimsoll Analysis 2010”.

As always, if there is any information you need, any help you require, please don’t hesitate to contact one of company formation specialists.