Open a European Company and local experts

Open a European Company – Local Experts Mean More Benefits and Less Stress and Liability

Before you open a European company, or transfer registration of an existing company to European registered status, you have quite a bit of planning to do. There are 50 countries to choose from, and the requirements and benefits of each one can be totally different even when dealing with two who are next door neighbor-states. Perhaps your goals and company entity is perfect for company formation Sweden, where foreigners registering businesses have to meet very few regulations in regards to foreign ownership or their day to day business operations.

This has attracted no small number of companies to move their registration to Sweden, but there is a huge caveat. If you open a European company in Sweden, know that the government there is stoutly committed to the high tax rates needed to finance the welfare style government they so love. Sitting down with a European company formation specialist that is up to date on the requirements tax-wise may save you from a colossal blunder, and can steer you to the correct country for your business’ needs.

Or maybe you want to open a European company for a large physical presence, and heard that due to its geographic location Austria is a perfect trade center for access to Eastern Europe and The Balkans. Then you heard that industrial space is very affordable and plentiful, and that staffed buildings can be arranged so that manufacture does not miss a beat. You are all ready to sign on the dotted line when your well-informed European company specialist tells you that exacting procedural issues must be dealt with first.

Any company, which can be either a corporation or a partnership, must be registered, and for Austrian incorporation, that means a payment of nominal share capital. And without knowing exactly what cultural and legal requirements are involved with meeting Austria’s mandatory “Gewerberecht” agreements, you could spend time and money registering in vain.

This another situation where hiring an overseas business specialist that has local contacts in the country of your choice is so critical when you open a European company. Their local representatives live in the countries and towns where you are filing. They know the faces and particular oddities and customs in the local business market, as well as the latest trade, tax and business requirements that must be met in order to make your move a smooth one.

So don’t hire a company formation outlet by price alone. Many of these outfits handle paperwork by fax and unlicensed courier, and you end up feeling really uncomfortable come tax time. Sit down with a seasoned European company formation group that will give you a free consultation, and point you in the most profitable direction to meet your goals when you open a European company.