France Corporation and Your Business

France Corporation and Your Business

In France, corporation of your business assets in a physical branch or “bureau de liaison” or registration only provides many benefits that may not first come to mind. France has not been as quick as other European Union countries to adopt liberal banking laws, so the attraction to France corporation is more in the geographical form. For instance, perhaps a part of your businesses marketing effort is to provide the international flair of a French business address, or you need a bureau de liaison to handle overseas clients. Both of these reasons fit perfectly into the french style of incorporation, and are as one-day easy as you will find incorporation in all of Europe.

While the french have always actively sought out foreign business investors, and they have been incredibly successful in doing so, they have taken a different approach. While the tax laws are more favorable than in the U. S. for instance, the real appeal is how “rubber stamp quick” France corporation has become. But just because the business incorporation model has become streamline efficient, don’t think that filing requirements and details can be haphazardly approached. You should still have legal and accounting players on the ground in France to handle every step of the filing process to ensure proper compliance. A minor slip-up here could have dire financial consequences down the road.

In France, corporation for many businesses means simply acquiring a local company. Since the French have honed the business acquisition process down to an ultra fast cookie cutter system, as long as all your financial and accounting ducks are in a row, you can take ownership of a dormant French company that gives you an instant local presence quicker than in almost any other European country. The French also provide no limit to the types of business structure you can employ, as long as the appropriate requirements are met.

In France, corporation may be in the form of a simplified stock company, an Specialists company with limitations to liability or a simple business entity that can be set up in as little as 24 hours if purchasing an existing company registration. The world class banking institutions ensure that you are never at a loss for any type of financial positioning needed, and having the right representatives in France, corporation wise, means always being up to date legally and financially with local business attorneys and accountants to handle all your business needs.

Unlike some European countries which have a grueling filing process that can seem to take forever, in France, corporation is quick and easy when you know what to do and exactly what local laws and business requirements you need to meet. When you contact a European company formation specialist who has handled France Corporation successfully for other important clients, and uses a network of French attorneys and accountants, you ensure speedy, headache-free deployment of your business presence in France. The geographical and local advantages of having a European corporate presence will be yours, as well as the peace of mind knowing you have an overseas business specialist at your disposal for all your future business needs.

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