Open A Branch In France

Introduction to setting up a French branch

France has a relatively strong economy and there are advantages such as financial incentives for foreign investors establishing a branch there. The procedure is a fairly simple process comparable to establishing a company, but branch formation is a longer process due to the documentation and applications required.


What are the formalities regarding French branches?

  • A registered address
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company
  • A copy of the parent company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • A document appointing a French branch representative – if non EU special state authorisation is required

The requirements stated above are needed by the Commercial Court in order to register the branch.

All documentation must be officially notarised and translated into French by a translator.


What are the accounting requirements for a French branch?

The branch must register with the Tax Authorities to obtain a VAT number for taxation purposes. VAT returns should be filed monthly and tax returns filed annually.

The parent company must annually file the liabilities and assets budgeted to the branch with the Court of Commerce. The branch is required to keep its own records.

A French bank account is advised, but not required, as payments from abroad are charged by the French Tax Authorities.

Further information on accountancy and tax rates in France can be found by visiting our partners Accountancy In Europe.

What office facilities are available when registering a branch?

A registered office is requisite when setting up a French branch.

The following offices are also available:

  • Virtual offices maintain the business professionalism of a physical office through off-site communication such as telephone, fax and mail forwarding
  • Serviced offices are ready for immediate occupation and include all the required business facilities


Branch formation packages

Our branch formation packages organise every aspect of the process, including services such as obtaining a registered address and registering for VAT, so you can leave it all in our capable hands.

We have a unique one stop solution for all European formation requirements which also extends to the establishment of multiple branches. We have a wealth of experience that can manage the formation process while you enjoy the benefits of increased exposure, client security and new business from the local area.


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