European Incorporation

European Incorporation – Employ Local European Attorneys and Accountants For Peace of Mind

European incorporation of your business when handled by EU company formation specialists familiar with the day to day business dealings in Europe and with agents actually in the field in those countries, provides you with something that no level of money can buy – security. You are secure in the knowledge that your business is being handled by trustworthy, seasoned accountants and attorneys who live and work in Europe, and understand every aspect of business law. The hours you will have to spend double-checking European law and praying that everything is filed correctly, and within important sequential and time boundaries, is removed. You should not have to worry about details when you are in the hands of a true professional.

When you sit down with a European incorporation specialist that will fore-go any fee for initial consultation, you know you are dealing with a firm that truly does care about your business. They treat every step of your European incorporation as if they owned the company themselves, and take pride in letting their entire reputation rest in your hands. Guaranteed results that line up in lock step with your business goals are the result, and you know that any future business needs will be met with the same professionalism and integrity.

And if you think European incorporation is the same over the entire EU, you are sadly mistaken, for nothing could be further from the truth. Just because you have a business associate who is very happy with his results in Portugal doesn’t mean your business will thrive in that climate. If you are setting  up a Branch Office, you should know that Portuguese labor laws heavily favor the employee, and there is relatively low unemployment there. This may make a Branch presence more favorable in Poland, where unemployment hovers near 20%, and the local government sides favorably with business. When considering your European incorporation locale, these are the types of things your company formation team absolutely must know to deliver the results you desire.

European Incorporation doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Just as you would choose any professional for a serious task, prepare yourself ahead of time before you consult a European company formation specialist, ask lots of questions, and be honest and frank. If you deal with a company formation firm that creates little give and take, and rushes to shoe-horn your business into one of their “areas of expertise” beware. Only a European incorporation expert that employs trusted attorneys and accountants local to the country of choice, provides a free consultation, and has years of successful incorporation under their belt can give you the security, peace of mind, and favorable business results your desire.