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Introduction to setting up a Swiss subsidiary

Switzerland is a popular choice for foreign investors looking to establish a subsidiary. The country has a liberal economy, an efficient banking system, and competitive taxation. Financial benefits are also available for foreign investors. Switzerland’s political neutrality and central location make it a great place for expansion across Europe as well as global exposure.


What are the main formalities of a Swiss subsidiary?

  • The minimum share capital required for a corporation (Ltd., “Aktiengesellschaft”) is CHF 100,000
  • The minimum share capital required for a limited liability company (LLC, “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”) is CHF 20,000
  • Resolutions of the founders regarding the incorporation to be in the form of a public deed
  • The Articles of Association of the subsidiary
  • Declarations of acceptance of the board of directors and the auditors
  • Minutes of the meeting of the board of directors containing the constitution of the board of directors, signatory rights and the choice of domicile of the subsidiary
  • Declarations I and II (standard forms provided by the commercial register)

The documents shown above must be filed in an application to the cantonal commercial register in order to register the subsidiary.

All required documents must be officially translated into the official language of the canton by a sworn translator. Many commercial registers accept some of the documents to be in English. Some of the documents must also be officially notarised and apostilled/super legalised.


What are the accounting requirements of a Swiss subsidiary?

The subsidiary must register with the Federal Tax Administration for tax purposes as well as VAT, if applicable.

Annual tax returns and quarterly VAT returns, if applicable, should be submitted.

The required share capital must be deposited in a blocked Swiss bank account that will support the founders with a written confirmation.

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Subsidiary Formation Packages

We provide comprehensive subsidiary formation packages that organise every aspect involved in the process.

These packages utilise our experience and expertise in European formation requirements, including services such as subsidiary and VAT registration.

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