ECB set for Growth Boosting Measures

There are expectations that the European Central Bank (ECB) is to loosen its economic policy in coming days in order to encourage a climate for growth.

Most experts are expecting the ECB to at least cut benchmark interest rates whilst many experts to see the bank go further by putting negative rates on deposits in order to encourage bank lending.

With unemployment a problem across the Eurozone at the moment, these moves are possibly being made to encourage new businesses to emerge and promote greater employment prospects.

What this effectively means is that, with the Eurozone slowly but surely recovering from the economic downturn, now could be the best time to incorporate a company in Europe as labour is cheap along with loans. Banks being pushed to encourage growth may also see substantial benefits being put in place to encourage business.

With the proposals being announced today, it may well be worth watching this space. (More to come on this story)

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