The Right Company Formation Team

European Company Formation – The Right Company Formation Team Makes All The Difference

Business owners tend to start looking into company formation in Europe after successfully running one or more businesses. Through the day-in, day-out grind of handling their company, they meet other businessmen and women that extol the many virtues European company formation offer. Very few rookie business owners attempt this the first time out, and that means that those looking to branch out and establish a presence in Europe are business savvy already. It could also mean they are sick and tired of paying exorbitant fees, penalties and taxes with money they have busted their rump to make. The U.S. is probably one of the most costly countries to incorporate a business, and this logically tends to get business owners small and large alike looking for better legal answers.

Whether starting a brand new corporation, moving a company that has already been running for several years, or just developing a “virtual office” in Europe, the benefits are many, but the licensing requirements differ from country to country. So you as the concerned business owner trying to decide which country will best suit the needs of your European L.L.C or offshore trust has a lot to consider. That is why it is absolutely crucial for you to deal with a Company Formation Professional that has access to trained lawyers and business contacts in each of the European countries designated for its business speciality.

Some European countries are better as tax havens, but require operations to be running for a required period of time, and some are more friendly to established companies than start-ups. Do you know which is the best for your company’s bottom line and your peace of mind, should you ever undergo a fiduciary audit? A proven leader in the field of international business law and tax lawyers local to the country you incorporate in have that specific knowledge. Many company formation specialists can even handle telephone and mail forwarding. Your customers dial an international number and your office extension in your United States office building rings. They send mail to a European address and it reaches you, with return mail then rerouted and processed to show your address in France or Spain. These are just a few of the elementary jobs a trained and seasoned European company formation specialist can offer.

You have worked hard all your life to create this amazing business you have. Why let it get eaten up by harsh tax rates and crooked regulators? You have the ability with a simple phone call to ask any and every question you have, and get a better picture of just what is involved to give you the European business solution that fits your business best. An ethical company formation firm will always give you a free consultation, and can be counted on for the highest level of discretion where your affairs are concerned. Don’t waste another day, pick up the phone and dial Open A European Company today, and rest easy tonight.