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Introduction to Swiss Incorporation

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most attractive countries in the world in which to live, work, and run a business. It offers a combination of political and economic stability, a clean and safe environment, and comparatively low Personal and Corporate Tax rates. But the tax regime, whilst relatively benign, is quite complex. In order to ensure your organisation is structured in the most tax-efficient way, please contact us for information and advice from our company formation specialists.

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What are the main types of Swiss company formation?

There are two major types of business entity for foreign investors to incorporate in Switzerland:

  • Limited Liability (Sàrl)
  • Specialist Corporation (SA)


What are the main features of a Limited Liability – Sàrl?

  • Mainly used for small to medium sized businesses
  • Minimum share capital is 20,000 Swiss Francs (€12,320)
  • No restrictions on foreign ownership
  • Minimum of two people required to establish the business
  • One of the directors must be a Swiss resident


What are the main features of a Specialist Corporation – SA?

  • Mainly used for medium to large sized businesses
  • Minimum share capital is 100,000 Swiss Francs (€61,600)
  • At least 50% of share capital to be paid up
  • Shareholders can remain completely anonymous
  • Majority of board directors must be Swiss residents


Is Company Formation Switzerland a complicated process?

Switzerland has its fair share of bureaucracy, but it is arguably easier to set up a business in Switzerland than in major EU countries such as Italy, Germany, France or the UK. Anyone, including foreigners, is eligible to set up a business in Switzerland.  The formalities of company incorporation Switzerland include the following:

  • Nominating a Swiss director; required by Swiss laws
  • Preparation of memorandum and articles
  • Opening a Swiss bank account
  • File with the Registrar of Companies

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Swiss Incorporation

How easy is it to recruit staff in Switzerland?

Even though Switzerland has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe at around 4%, you will not have any problems recruiting the right people for your business. The workforce is well educated and highly skilled, with over 80% of the labour pool in possession of a secondary diploma or vocational training. Switzerland has three major official languages – French, German and Italian – and English is widely used. The country has an advanced recruitment sector and we will be happy to help you if you require advice on this. We offer a free consultation about Swiss company registration so contact us now!


What is the regulatory environment like?

Swiss authorities do their best to ensure that business regulation is as light as possible, but it should be noted that companies are subject to canton (state), as well as federal laws. Cantons have regulatory and taxation powers of their own, and they differ from one canton to another, so expert advice is essential. Our team of local specialists can guide you through your entire company registration in Switzerland.


What about banking facilities?

Swiss banks represent the last word in efficiency and discretion, managing about a third of the world’s private assets, and most international financial institutions have a base here. So when it comes to selecting a bank for your newly-opened business, you will be spoilt for choice.


To what extent are Swiss banks regulated?

In a word – heavily. In recent years the Swiss authorities have introduced strict regulations to guard against money laundering and to ensure compliance with international standards. Swiss banks face heavy due diligence requirements and are very cautious in dealing with new clients. They prefer new clients to be introduced by people they already know and trust. We have established a rapport within the country so contact us for help with opening a bank account with the help of our local Swiss experts.


How easy is it to close a Swiss company?

Please click here for further details and services on closing a company.


Company Registration Switzerland

Are there financial incentives available for Swiss company formation?

There is little official support for investments at federal level for Swiss company formation. The Government does, however, support infrastructure investment, such as tourist facilities, communications and training establishments, with subsidised loans of up to 25%. At cantonal level, it is possible to qualify for other kinds of support such as rent subsidies, waiving of work permit requirements, tax holidays up to 10 years, and cheap energy, making company registration in Switzerland an attractive proposition.


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