Intra Company Transfer

European Relocation Services

Moving to a new country can be extremely stressful. If you’re transferring from a position in a company that is situated outside the European Union (EU), and you’re moving within the company to a member state of the EU, we can help every step of the way.

You need to approach your relocation in the certain knowledge that each country within the EU has a different culture and requires a different personal approach. At we have many years’ experience working across Europe, and have used this to create a comprehensive relocation services package which can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Our range of services includes:

  • Visa application management
  • Removals
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Cultural Awareness training
  • Orientation
  • School finding services

We have specialist associates in all countries to make your move as stress free as possible; our extensive service starts with the professional management of your work visa and visas for family members moving with you, and can include finding an appropriate property, through to schooling for your children, arranging bank accounts and setting up utilities for your home.

No two relocations are exactly the same; our pricing depends upon your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more.