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How can we help you open a Dubai company?

We may specialise in Europe, but we offer truly global expertise through our network of international partners. Our principal associate in Dubai is one of the most trusted names in the Middle East – a one-stop accounting, auditing and consulting firm with nine branches in the UAE and 25 years of experience in the region. In an environment where you need to understand every nuance of business life and where local knowledge and personal contacts are supremely important, this kind of experience really makes all the difference. Harness the power of our global alliance – it’s your gateway to Dubai and professional Dubai company formation and incorporation Dubai services.

What is the philosophy of our associate in Dubai?

It is exactly the same as that of Open A European Company. The focus is on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the client at all times, constantly seeking to add value to the client’s business operations and developing long-term relationships based on trust and transparency.

Dubai Company Formation

Why should you consider company registration Dubai?

Dubai describes itself as the fastest-growing metropolis on the planet and there is no disputing the fact that it is one of the world’s most desirable business centres for foreign investors considering company registration Dubai. With very low or zero taxation, attractive investment incentives, a stable economy, superb communications and a well-educated workforce, incorporation Dubai represents a very attractive proposition..

How easy is it to open a Dubai company?

In order to open a company in Dubai there are a number of legal and bureaucratic hurdles to clear. We can take care of all the paperwork for you. Our service includes the following:

  • submission of Dubai company formation papers for approval of trade name and activities
  • preparation of incorporation Dubai legal documents
  • submission of documents to the Ministry of Economy

Specialists in Incorporation Dubai processing of papers with Department of Economic Development

  • issue of licence

What are the main forms of Dubai company formation?

There are three types of company incorporation Dubai structures, that are likely to be of most interest to the international investor:

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Free Zone company
  • Offshore company

What are the main features of a limited liability company?

  • best option for investors wishing to trade or manufacture in Dubai
  • minimum share capital required is £81,800
  • 51% of the shares must be held by UAE nationals

Dubai Company Formation Experts effective total foreign control is possible through nominees

Incorporation Dubai

How do nominee arrangements work?

Although UAE nationals must hold at least 51% of the shares, nominee arrangements allow for these shares to be held in favour of an expatriate partner. Effective control, and all profits, are thus transferred entirely to the foreign investor. We can arrange for a UAE national to be available for nominee purposes.

How much does it cost to establish a limited liability company?

  • our fees approximately £2,750
  • government licence fee £3,000
  • government legal fees £1,000 – £2,000
  • local partner/sponsor fees from £8,000

How do Free Zone companies work?

There are a number of Free Zones in Dubai, including Jebel Ali, Dubai Airport, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. All share the following features:

Open A Dubai Company Today! 100% foreign ownership, no local partner required

  • no corporation tax for fifty years
  • complete freedom to repatriate capital and income
  • no personal income tax; full exemption from import duties

How much does it cost to establish a Free Zone company?

  • our fees approximately £2,750
  • Company Registration Dubai government registration fee £3,500 – £15,000 depending on zone
  • government licence fee £5,000 – £30,000 depending on zone and licence type
  • office rent from £20 per square foot

Company Registration Dubai

How do offshore companies operate in Dubai?

These are for investors who require a tax base in Dubai. No minimum share capital is required (although at least £2,700 is recommended) and there is no need to establish an actual office facility. However, all offshore companies must have a registered agent in Dubai to whom letters may be sent and notices served. We can arrange a registered agent for you for an annual fee of £1,500.

How well regulated are offshore companies?

Strict regulations apply in line with international standards. An offshore company has to register at least two directors, maintain financial records and issue audited accounts.

How much does it cost to establish an offshore company?

  • our fees approximately £2,750
  • registration fee £2,877 in first year, subsequently £685

What other Dubai company formation services can we provide?

We offer a full range of professional, administrative and support services for our clients. These range from auditing, consultancy and recruitment through to office space, visa support and accommodation.

Open A Dubai Company

Talking of recruitment, how easy is it to hire staff in Dubai?

Dubai’s schools and universities are excellent and foreign businesses should have no problem recruiting high-quality English-speaking staff. Labour costs are relatively high compared to the rest of the Middle East, but this is a minor factor when set against the many advantages associated with opening a company in Dubai. Work permits, valid for three year and renewable are available for expatriate staff.

What is Dubai like as a place to live and work?

As a low-tax centre with a liberal approach to business, Dubai can scarcely be bettered. In terms of work and home environment, expatriates enjoy an enviable lifestyle. Dubai is affluent, virtually crime-free, replete with fine schools and hospitals and, of course, there’s plenty of sunshine. No wonder so many investors are interested in company registration Dubai. If you wish to open a Dubai company please contact us and we’ll make it happen.

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