Company Formation Benefits

Proper European Company Formation Employs Local Professionals to Deliver Up to 0% Tax Liability

Company formation is often rushed through by prospective and current business owners. After all, you have all aspects of running your business to generate cash flow and income in mind. If you could just find someone to handle the company formation aspect side of the business, you could spend your time on the more important day to day activities which dominate your thoughts and business model. Unfortunately, not all company formation specialists are alike.

Company formation of an offshore entity in Belize is markedly different than opening a simple business checking account in Luxembourg. Too often, online company formation “experts” merely use “cookie cutter” software that is outdated and not specialized personally to your situation. The importance of employing a reputable company with testimonials from satisfied customers that employs local business professionals in the country of your choosing can not be understated. Imagine setting up your overseas business only to find years later during an audit that the company foundation professional you chose was woefully inept at protecting the company you worked so hard to build. Don’t let that happen.

Make sure the company formation professional you choose actually employs local lawyers, on the ground, in the country of your choosing. These attorneys live in and are trained and licensed in, business law in the same locale you are setting up shop in, whether virtually or physically. They also deal with the required bureaucrats and pencil-pushers every day, and can assure that your paperwork will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While company formation in the United States is pretty much the same from state to state, business practices in Germany and Poland differ greatly, even though these two countries are next door neighbours. In fact tax laws in Germany differentiate from one municipality to another. Doesn’t it make sense to use local professionals when you open a European company or offshore trust? A company foundation service run by discreet locally trained professionals know the latest strategies and routes to take in order to make the biggest impact to your business.

For instance, did the last company formation service you contacted tell you that according to the Taxes Consolidation Act that was voted into Irish law (Section 486C) to bolster new business and spur Ireland’s economy, your business can pay 0% in corporation taxes for the first three years? As you can imagine, there are certain qualifications that must be met, and knowing the lay of the land is imperative. Get a seasoned, locally-trained business professional that has “been there and done that” when you want to open a European Country or build an offshore trust, and the financial rewards you reap will be guaranteed and maximized.

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