Choosing A Company Formation Agent

The “Go to” Person for Company Formation Needs

Company formation agents are common in the United Kingdom and in Europe and they serve the public as well as the registratering agency of the government of their service locale. While it is commonly concieved that they’re the agency’s hands reaching out to the public to make company formations a little more efficient, unfortunately, not all of them are as beneficial as you would like to think. Some of these so-called “company formation agents” will snare you in their guile which is heavily cloaked in their adds. So if you should choose one that you would hope best to help you, then make sure that they pass this small test.


The transparency test:

  • They clearly state their fees and they should have no hidden charges – any company formation agency that does not list down the details of their prices are doing dishonest business and you should stay away from them.
  • They must not trick you into buying some suspicious entry-level package deals – entry level packages that’s lower than what the government is charging is a boiling water waiting to cook you. It would be best to back out early on before you end up paying 3-4 times than what you ought to be paying.
  • Their offer should include digital and hard copies of your company documents.
  • Your name has to be listed as the primary requester on the summary of incorporation – the greatest disadvantage in appointing nominees on your behalf during the incorporation process of your company is that it delays certain process like banking and finance requirements.
  • They should also offer a customer service assistance – Following up on your application is essential to your business, especially if you have a very saleable product or service. A customer assistance via telephone would be a big help in this.
  • Their website has to have a high encryption level in order to protect your identity – you are putting in information in their system and some are very sensitive information at that, therefore they should have a very secured system on which they base their operations on.
  • Their system should be user-friendly – and of course the regular person should be able to understand their system and will know his or her way in navigating through their site.


Going through the formation process

It is the responsibility of the company formation agents to take you through the registration process upon hiring their services. This includes creating the articles of association, memorandum of association, listing all the necessary information in the Companies House Form IN01 (UK only) and give you the details of the fees to paid. They may charge a little over extra but the total amount should not exceed £100 and you should be able to get a faster turn around time because they have access to the system of the registration agency.

Having a clear perspective of what you want and how you can benefit in the incorporation of your company is what you should think about first and foremost. Never ever pay for services that you do not fully understand or is basically unclear.