Worldwide Company Formations – Where to Start

Worldwide Company Formations – Where to Start


Perhaps you are a business owner in the United States looking to branch out and establish a business presence in Europe, Australia, Dubai or some other country. Or you may be a non-US resident seeking to incorporate in America. You may have needs on a geographic basis to access trade routes or develop a physical business presence in a particular locale. You may also just desire to benefit from owning an address and telephone number in a particular country or city. Further still, you may have a crushing time deadline that you need to make in order to fill some permit or licensing requirement. In any case, you have a couple of big problems on your mind – how do you get started, and which country, state or city should you choose.

To address the first need, you need to contact a business incorporation specialist who has worldwide local business contacts and has been incorporating for the foreign investor on the global scale for years. Do not fall prey to any low-priced, flat fee company formation claims. You are a successful business owner because you understand that you get what you pay for. Having said that, the amount of money you pay in the long run to establish your business presence in a foreign land will be far lower by employing the correct, seasoned business formation specialist who will give you the most cost-effective answer to your global company formation inquiries.

Any global company formation firm with a great reputation developed through years of worldwide incorporation will be happy to give you a free consultation and answer any questions that you have. Many of these firms also have an online live chat session on their websites, and in the space of 10 minutes of your free time, you can rest assured that the knowledge you derive from either a phone call or online chat session about establishing a global presence for your business will be complete.

And the main reason you want to use a seasoned business firm instead of a new firm that gives you a low ball estimate is the amount of local business contacts that firm has developed and cultivated over the years. Imagine having one-on-one access through your global company formation specialist to accountants and attorneys who live and work in the foreign country or city in which you intend to incorporate. You simply can’t put a price tag on the up to date knowledge and business sense that you get from such a relationship. This virtually guarantees your global incorporation efforts will be successful to the extreme degree.

Whether you are an American business owner seeking to do business in one of the dozens of European Union countries, or you are a non-US resident seeking incorporation in the United States and access to the biggest economy in the world, your needs are the same. You need reliable information from an expert in global company formation. And the only firm you want to deal with knows exactly which country will best suit the goals and needs of your business. That can only be obtained by using knowledgeable business locals located around the globe who guarantee your incorporation will be speedy, cost-effective and pass all regulatory hurdles in a single bound.

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