Post Company Formation

Post Company Formation.

European Business Consultancy Services.

Accelerate Your European Market Entry With Our Consultancy Services

We offer a full range of consultancy services which will enable you to accelerate your European Market Entry and show measurable results within 90 days.


Examples of the services we can offer are as follows:

Market Research & Competitor Benchmarking
If you are considering entering the dynamic and competitive international arena,  this service is of crucial importance for your business. Whatever you choose to do in your export markets, your business will only be a success if customers like what you are offering and are prepared to give you money in exchange. It’s that simple.
Distributor Identification & Partnering
Finding the right partner to work with in business as in life can bring happiness and harmony, or acrimony, divorce and financial disaster. Open A European Company, like a good match maker can take the pain out of the process and fast track your business into Europe and the lucrative markets of Europe.
Market Entry Strategic Planning & Assistance
If you believe that you have the right product or service to sell internationally then Open A European Company is here to guide you to international success.
Acquisition Identification & Assistance
Europe is an attractive market for many reasons. It’s strategic location, pro-business government, tax laws and labour force make it easier to launch or expand your operations. On paper market entry by way of a strategic acquisition may appear the most cost effective solution to gaining rapid market share. However as we all know, life is not quite so simple. Please ask for further information about the services we offer which can cost effectively reduce the growing pains.
Sales & Marketing Assistance
Open A European Company can support your business or expansion into the valuable markets of Europe by creating a tailored sales & marketing campaign to fit your budget, and meet your objectives.
Key Account Management Services
International partnerships are easier to imagine than to implement. All too often, they achieve nothing, apart from draining money and management time. Please ask for details about the support services on offer to ensure your success.
Business Start Up & Development
Business is changing. Some call it globalisation. Irrespective of what you choose to call this global movement of people, technology, money and knowledge, everybody knows that it is too powerful to be ignored. Globalisation brings along increasing and often unexpected competition from all parts of the world and from many different types of companies. It demands increasing flexibility and readiness for change. One reaction might be internationalisation – expanding your business and focusing on new markets. Europe has the potential to boost your business – if you approach it the right way. Having made that decision we are here to offer you professional insight and practical help to ensure your success.
Product Sourcing
Each year we are seeing an increase in customers coming from Western and Central Europe to source products and outsource services here in Poland, Turkey, China and India. Outsourcing is on the increase as more and more companies embrace the flexibility that outsourcing offers to their business. Please ask for details of our supply chain identification and evaluation services.
Business Unit Evaluation
Open A European Company offer a rapid business unit evaluation service that can quickly identify the reasons why it is underperforming, suggest business improvement strategies and then assist you through the implementation process. Don’t let your hard won market share in Europe be lost to local or other international competitors. Act now and take advantage of our business unit diagnostic services.
ICT & Online Strategy For Market Entry
In today’s world business relies on Information Technology like never before and that means that it has to be an important consideration when you launch into a new International Market. With an excellent International IT and Online Strategy many of the other logistical problems which face business doing business overseas are solved, without it they are multiplied.

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