Top 5 Advantages of Opening a Company in Europe

Top 5 Advantages of Opening a Company in Europe


There are many advantages of opening a company in Europe. Tax advantages and company name cache are just a couple. The number of benefits makes for a long list indeed, but generally, business owners incorporate overseas because of benefits they can not get at home. Wondering why you should consider European Incorporation for a new or existing business? Let’s take a look at the Top 5 advantages of opening a company in Europe.


Personal asset protection

By filing your business as a European LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), your personal liability is severely limited. Knowing how to file correctly, and in which country to file to best accentuate your company’s profile and goals, should only be handled by a respected, seasoned European Company Formation specialist with years of experience forming businesses for non-resident business owners.


Overseas name credibility

One of the most desirable advantages of opening a company in Europe is business name cache. For instance, Luxembourg Asset Capitalization Incorporated (just made it up) sounds a whole lot more reputable and respectable than Topeka Asset Capitalization Incorporated, no offense to the fine folks in Topeka, Kansas. The instant admirability factor of a European business name lends even the rookie business owner immediate respectability.


Tax flexibility

Many overseas countries offer remarkably tax-friendly advantages to business owners in return for them incorporating in their country. One of the most-desired advantages of opening a company in Europe is this tax flexibility. Some countries offer zero tax on revenue generated by non-resident businesses, and some offer even more attractive tax perks to overseas owners. Check with an experienced European Company Formation specialist for details and country-to-country specifics.


Deductible expenses

Filing as an LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship or other business entity in Europe provides distinct deductible expenses not always found when filing in the country of your residence. By maxing out your possible deductions, you immediately and positively impact your bottom line without any increase in revenue, something any business owner would love.


Name protection and perpetual existence

Once you file under a particular title, that title is protected as a unique European business name. No other businesses can use that exact name. This is important if you want to protect a specific name, and all businesses exist infinitely. Once your business name is filed correctly and approved, that incorporation is yours forever, unless you decide to sell it.


As you can see, there are many advantages of opening a company in Europe. Contact a respected and experienced European Company Formation specialist today for a free consultation, and reap the many European Company benefits for your firm. For more information or assistance, click HERE.