Open a European Company – How Do You Know Where to Go?

Open a European Company – How Do You Know Where to Go?

Are you looking to open a European company? Maybe you are thinking about transferring the licensing and incorporation of a current company to Ireland or Germany. Whether you choose Ireland to take advantage of the initial 3 year grace period on paying taxes, or Germany because of the Capital Investment Grants of up to 50% of your business capitalization, you have to register your business in a very specific manner. However you propose to benefit from the many advantageous corporate filings and tax-friendly structures Europe has to offer, you will need someone versed in the local statutes and legal regulations that are specific to your country of choice.

Instead of choosing a country first, decide exactly what you hope to accomplish. Why do you want to open a European company? Are your dreams of one day retiring in Europe, and you would like your business close by? Are you hoping to open a European version of the American Limited Liability Corporation to limit your legal exposure? Or are you planning on massive expansion of your brand into Europe and need a physical presence run by locals who speak the language in all 50 countries? By working backwards from your goal, a European Company Consultant with access to attorneys and local regulatory officials in each country can best marry you to the bureaucratic entity that is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Yes, just as you are looking to open a European company, the 50 countries in Europe are competing with each other for your business dollar. Italy, which requires a 6 step process to open any type of business, may be looking to expand its foreign branch presence. A trained overseas business formation specialist would immediately direct you to Southern Italy, where unemployment is the highest, and where local authorities and bureaucrats make your dream to open a European company come true by making this 6 step process as painless as possible. Regulatory officials in Southern Italy may even add incentives in this case to make your decision-making process easier.

The bottom line is this. When you open a European company, talking with an operator in a call center who works on commission is definitely not the way to go. They do not have your best interests at heart. But what if you could speak intimately of your desires to open a European company with a European Company specialist on a free consultation call? And what if this specialist had legal contacts in all 50 countries who worked daily with the different bureaucratic officials and registrars and knew them on a first name basis? That is exactly what offers; peace of mind and maximum utilization of on the ground resources to capture every possible asset available to you for your specific and unique need.

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