Japanese Exports Growth Sees the Country on the Rise

Japanese exports surged in July seeing further growth hopes for the world’s third biggest economy as electric machinery and cars bumped up the export rate by 3.9%.


With the Japanese government pinning their hopes on an export led recovery, after contractions in the economy due to natural disasters, it would appear that this is starting to happen for them as last month saw the country’s exports rise to a greater high than a year ago. With the trade deficit in Japan growing, concerted efforts are being made to counteract this as it is needed to help with a domestic slump which has come, in part, due to a rise in sales tax. The government is to reconsider the tax in 2015.

Export growth in Japan has been moderate but with large Asian markets, such as China, gaining momentum and European markets also starting to pick up there is a great hope that this could further accelerate.

With connections to Asia, Europe and American markets now could be a great time to incorporate in Japan with its hi-tech infrastructure and desire to fuel growth in the country.

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