We are a US company involved primarily in software development, IT staffing, e learning solutions, applications development etc. mostly in the USA. We were looking to expand our business ventures into the European continent, particularly in the Republic of Denmark where we had an existing clientele but no presence locally as a Denmark established corporation. We were particularly faced with the requirement of having a Corporation established in Denmark, in order to be able to sponsor work permits, for employees who could serve our client/s in Denmark. Open a European Company came to our rescue at the right time, when we didn’t know where to start from. They understood our requirement, gathered all necessary information from us, co-ordinated for all info over the phone and e mails, without having us to visit them or any other office in Denmark. Not just did they help us with the company registration, they also offered services like VAT registration, virtual office, payroll services, drafting contracts, etc. They were swift in getting  us the desired results in a short span of time. We are thankful to Open a European Company that they helped us in time of need and handled our requirement in a very professional manner. We would strongly recommend their services to any one in similar situation. 

– N.P.H (Sr. Legal Manager)


I am very pleased to recommend Open A European Company. Russell Lebe and his team took care of everything and have for the past several years always made themselves available to our questions. While Russell and his team are very busy with many other concerns, they have always kept track of our business needs, timely reporting for revenue purposes, tax preparation and personal advice. I feel his attention to detail and service attitude to be pivotal in my dealings with EU countries and general business dealings. Russell maintains knowledge so up to date that an overseas company just simply cannot be without his advice and counsel. 

– L.G. (CEO)

“I’ve worked in the merchant banking field for the past 13 years.  During that time I’ve had to set up numerous offshore entities in the EU, Latin America, and Asian regions of the world.  In late 2009 I was searching for a new agency to work with because of the many difficulties and restrictions I was encountering with the firms I was working with at that time.  Fortunately for me I found OpenAEuropeanCompany.com while doing a search on the Internet.  Since that day all of my needs have been met in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.  When I needed tax advice the President of the corporation took the time to get on several overseas calls with me.  Unlike other firms I had worked with they didn’t charge me for the valuable time and advice afforded me by their top executive.  This is the kind of service I expect, and OpenAEuopeanCompany.com has been my one stop shop for all my offshore entity needs ever since.  Needless to say I would highly recommend this company, and their very capable staff, to anyone who is looking to set up an entity in one of the many areas of the globe they service.”

– Bruce Benevento (Executive Vice President of WebQuest Inc.)


“Limentra Ltd is an international project developer in the field of renewable energies. We have started our engagement with OAEC around more than a year ago by setting up more than 20 special purpose vehicle companies for our different projects. In order to foster our international expansion, drive our strategy forward and increase our reach we have set up an our holding company in Cyprus. OAEC has supported us in terms of consulting us on our way to the most efficient and effective group organization. The OAEC performance has been to our utmost satisfaction. We would like to thank OAEC for their high quality customer service and professional behavior.”

– Martin Buschmann (Chief Commercial Officer)