Company Registration Holland – Is Trade Registration Mandatory?

Company Registration Holland – Is Trade Registration Mandatory?

Company registration Holland almost always requires the business to be registered in the Dutch Trade Register as well. While registry is usually considered mandatory before corporation paperwork can continue, simultaneously approved filing for Trade Registration and Company Registration does take place. It depends entirely on the contacts of the people handling the paperwork on the ground in Holland. Attorneys and corporate filing specialists with relationships in the Trade Registry and company filing offices can push the required paperwork through much quicker, and with no costly or time-wasting mistakes or procedural errors.

If all you want to do is file a business name in the Trade Registry, searching the trade register name, address and business’s trade registry designation and filing number are done free of charge. However, you can expect to be charged for account names and numbers, business extracts, and any other specific information that is required.

There are four types of business incorporations you van choose from when company registration Holland is your goal. A Partnership, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, and Branch Office are the four designations that your company can qualify for. Every company and nearly all legal entities must join the Trade Registry for tax reasons, although there are a very few exceptions. If your plans are to obtain company registration Holland status, the wise move is to join the Trade Registry regardless.

A company formation specialist can prepare your paperwork for you, handle all contacts on the ground in Holland, and even provide business representation for you firm, saving you the time and cost of travel. However, understand that acceptance into the Trade Registry means answering several questions concerning your company registration Holland. Does the company you are registering actually exist, or is it a paper or shelved entity?  Are you or is the person filing an actual authorized signor for the business? Are there any current Trade Registered businesses that you have done business with before? These are but a few of the questions you need to answer to satisfy the curiosity of the Trade Register clerk. Once again, if you deal with a local Dutch official whose face is known and who has developed a relationship in the business community, your acceptance is almost guaranteed, and certainly expedited.

When attempting to fulfill the legal obligations of company registration, Holland can be a walk in the park, and you and your company entity can enjoy some of the most rewarding tax codes in all of Europe. But slip up, choose the wrong business formation consultant and file incorrectly, and you can miss out on the exemption of dividends payments and capital gains accumulation that makes company registration Holland so attractive.

Imagine a professional Dutch representative known in the local community handling your business and trade registration. Not only does the process go smoothly, with no tax liability rearing its ugly head later, but your stamp on the business community looks very professional, and is well received. Only deal with a European Company Formation specialist that will give you a free consultation, and you will discover if your business can benefit from a company registration Holland designation.

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