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SET UP A BUSINESS IN THE UK has been established since 2003 and our formation specialists have a wealth of experience in setting up companies across the UK. We provide a fully comprehensive service including: company formation, bank account assistance, offices and accountancy as well as post incorporation consulting services.

Introduction To UK Company Incorporation

The United Kingdom has one of the most successful economies in the EU. It attracts more inward investment from Asia and the US than any other EU country. This success is reflected in the number of foreign companies that have set up businesses in the UK.
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Why are foreign investors so keen on UK Company Formation?

Foreign investors have cited a number of reasons for choosing UK company registration, including the following:

  • Size of the market – it is the world’s 4th largest economy
  • Strong currency – the GB Pound has performed better than the Euro
  • Location and language – a natural point of entry into the EU
  • Government policy – the UK has a liberal business environment

At the same time, it should be noted that the UK does not have a particularly attractive tax regime; the full Corporate Income Tax is 30% and there are few general incentives.

What are the main types of UK Company Incorporation?

These are the most popular forms of company for foreign investors to incorporate in the UK:

  • Private Limited Company (Ltd)
  • Public Limited Company (Plc)
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Limited Liability Partnership

What are the main features of a Private Limited Company (Ltd)?

  • This is by far the most popular format for foreign investors
  • Only one shareholder is needed, which is ideal for wholly-owned subsidiaries
  • There is no minimum capital requirement
  • A minimum of one director and a company secretary is required
  • Accounts should be filed annually

What are the main features of a Public Limited Company (Plc)?

  • The minimum share capital for a Plc is £50,000
  • At least 25% of the share capital must be paid up
  • There is a minimum requirements of two directors and a company secretary
  • Financial statements are required to be audited if turnover exceeds £1m

What are the main features of a Branch?

  • The foreign parent is responsible for all liabilities of a UK Branch
  • The Branch is required to register with Companies House
  • Parent company accounts must be filed annually

What are the main features of a Limited Liability Partnership?

  • This is a fairly new format but is increasingly used for Joint Ventures
  • There must be at least two members, each with limited liability
  • It has the same registration and disclosure requirements as a Limited Company
  • Other types of partnership are possible but rarely used by foreign companies

UK Company Incorporation

How easy is it to recruit staff in the UK?

Despite a steady fall in unemployment over the past decade, foreign companies will find little difficulty in recruiting local staff. The UK recruitment sector is thriving and British workers are generally well educated, motivated, and able to adapt to different management styles. We will be happy to help if you require any further advice or information so please contact us .

What is the UK regulatory environment like?

The UK government places a priority on attracting investment from abroad, and has sought to ensure that the regulatory environment is as liberal as possible. There are very few restrictions on foreign ownership or investment, although certain sectors, such as financial services, are strictly regulated to protect the consumer. The authorities also enforce laws guarding against the abuse of monopoly powers.

Are there financial incentives available for those considering UK Company Registration?

Financial incentives are available for companies who wish to set up business in UK and are willing to invest in specific areas and sectors. Grants may be provided to assist job-creating investment in certain areas of the UK, mainly outside London and the south east. Other incentives take the form of research and development grants, technical assistance for exports, and export credit guarantees.

How easy is it to close a UK company?

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UK Company Registration

And what about banking facilities?

The City of London is one of the world’s foremost financial centres, and banks from most countries have offices here. The UK offers sophisticated banking facilities to the business community, but the process of opening a account can be time-consuming. We can help you cut through the red tape – our bank account page will explain how.

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Company Name Check Service

In the United Kingdom, company names have to be approved first to see if they are acceptable as well as available for use. They will only be rejected if they are the same or similar phonetically or in spelling of an existing company or if the name implies state ownership or sponsorship. Certain words such as Insurance, bank or group may require special permissions.

To show that your company is a limited liability company, the suffix ‘Limited’ or abbreviation ‘Ltd.’ must be affixed. Click here to fill in our form and get your name checked now…