Time to Consider A French Revolution?

A strong, highly industrialised economy with direct and efficient trade links to Europe along with certain parts of Africa and the rest of the world sees France as a major economic player on the global stage. So would now be a good time to consider a shift to France?

A founder member and leading force of both the European Union and the United Nations, France holds a great deal of political, economic and military influence further strengthening its economic position. With the second most extensive rail network in Europe and massive investments in transport and infrastructure trade routes and business links are rapid, safe and cost effective throughout the nation.

There are many branches to the French economic tree but with one of the more prevalent being tourism there is an abundance of foreign investment and interest in the nation from the outside world. Drawing in around 83million tourists annually means that France has more tourists than any other country in the world. Another contributor to France’s economic strength is its agricultural sector which receives large subsidies from the European Union,  particularly being famed for its wine and cheese production, these aspects have seeped into everyday culture and life of the French. The financial sector is also very strong with technologies being at the forefront of modern banking being at the heart of the infrastructure.

Well known for their vibrant arts scene as well, the French have long been bastions of high culture with art, fashion, music, cinema and architecture all playing significant roles in the cultural scene of the country.

With such a diverse economy built on strong foundations that trade with European and Global markets, France could well be the perfect placed to either set up a business or branch out into. For more information, visit https://openaeuropeancompany.com/countries/france or contact us at [email protected]