The Benefits of Starting A Company in Greece

Many might not consider Greece as a place to start a business at the moment, what with its well documented financial woes, but it could well be the case that the opposite is, in fact, true.

With EU money propping it up, Greece is probably the most stable it has been in a long while and costs are low to try and encourage a resurgence within the economy. By setting up a business in the near future, investors could get ahead of the trend for when money starts coming back into the country by setting up quickly and cheaply and reaping the rewards in the not too distant future.

This, combined with relatively new infrastructure that remains in place from the 2004 Olympic Games, and investment incentives from the Government to promote regional growth could see a wave of start-ups in the country as people try and make the most out of the eternally popular holiday destination that sees millions of tourists arrive every year and willing to spend their cash. The scale of these initiatives varies and relies on what sort of industry is being set up but there are grants, interest subsidiaries and tax allowances all in place as well as specially targeted initiatives for either mining or tourism.

Greece also has a relatively high pool of unemployed and as such labour costs are among the lowest in Europe despite the workforce having relatively strong education standards. Employment is fairly straight forward and their inclusion in the European Union means that trading with other European countries is also relatively simple.

One of the big benefits of setting up in Greece is that capital and earnings can be freely repatriated making the movement of money much easier than in many other countries.

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