Trade Marks and Trade Mark Registration Service

Trade Marks are one of the most valuable tools in the promotion and recognition of your business’ goods or services. Trade Marks identify the origin of a product and/or serve as an indication of quality.

Registered Trade Marks gives the right to use the ® symbol and provides its owner with monopoly rights to stop others using the same or similar Mark in relation to the goods/services it trades in. In many cases Trade Mark registration can itself become a valuable asset.

Our associate lawyers have experience in Trade Mark registration worldwide and can advise on the most suitable countries and classes for your registration.

We can provide the following:

  • Unopposed Trade Mark Registration in the UK
  • Unopposed Trade Mark Registration in the EU
  • Unopposed Trade Mark Registration in the US

As specialist Trade Mark agents we can assist with all aspects of your specific requirements, please contact us for further information.

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