Small To Medium Companies For European Expansion

Are you the owner or shareholders of a small to medium sized established business thinking of expansion into a new European market? If so, Europe offers some serious advantages and can add potential revenue to your bottom line if you go about this in the right way.

Europe, in some cases, benefits from lower rates of VAT and taxation – due to the economic situation countries are actively encouraging people like you to expand and there are opportunities that you may not be aware of. These are not only attractive in terms of saving money but provide a good platform for rapidly expanding your existing business. Ireland for example has a 0% corporation tax deal for the next three years. Cyprus offers a 10% corporate tax rate with other countries following closely behind. There are a host of opportunities in different countries to attract you to do business there.

Naturally however, expansion into a foreign country does have its pitfalls and indeed there are some things you simply cannot legally do by yourself.

We Take Care Of Everything

At Open A European Company we not only overcome any potential pitfalls you may experience but we quite literally “hold your hand” from start to finish, so to speak. We are an all English speaking company but we have offices all over Europe and the world, so if you were setting up in Italy, for example, we have Italian representatives at our Italian branch that will handle all aspects that need an Italian speaker. This immediately takes away any language barriers and allows you to communicate in your own language.

We will arrange everything from bank account formation to office selection, there is nothing that we don’t cover. Another major advantage is that we not only have a number of different packages to suit your desired level of business but all these packages are rolled into one fee for you. What we quote is the total you will pay, there are no add ons – translations and notarisations apart *. This is quite simply the most comprehensive, best value and simplest way to set up your company abroad and anywhere else in the world.

*translations and notarisation will be quoted separately according to file.

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