Introduction to setting up a UK subsidiary

The establishment of subsidiaries in the UK is regulated by the Companies Act 2006. The country is completely non-discriminatory to foreign investment and is popular due to its geographical location, strong economy and advanced telecommunications. There are certain regulations on company names, but the timescale for setting up a subsidiary is just one day, assuming all documentation conforms to standard. 

What are the main formalities of a UK subsidiary?

  • For a private limited company (Ltd)there is no minimum or maximum share capital required
  • The Memorandum & Articles of Association of the subsidiary
  • A registered office address in the UK

The documents shown above must be filed with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House in order to register the subsidiary.

All required documents must be officially notarised by a lawyer and presented in English.

What are the accounting requirements of a UK subsidiary?

The subsidiary must register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for taxation purposes. VAT registration depends on the annual turnover and is not necessary if the subsidiary is part of a parent VAT group.

Annual tax returns should be filed, as well as monthly or quarterly VAT returns – again dependent on turnover. Annual accounts must also be filed with the Companies House.

Some forms of tax administration can be done online through the Government Gateway.

Please visit for further information on accountancy services and tax rates in the UK.

Subsidiary Formation Packages

We are based in the UK and our expertise of subsidiary formation is second to none. We provide subsidiary formation packages that include services such as subsidiary and VAT registration as well as provision of a registered office. Our team is more than capable of organising your incorporation and will manage every aspect of the process on your behalf.

For further information on subsidiaries in the UK, please contact us or send an enquiry.


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