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Introduction to Company Incorporation Lithuania

Lithuania is the biggest of the Baltic states and regards itself as the region’s economic powerhouse. Certainly it has succeeded in attracting significant inflows of foreign direct investment, with investors encouraged by a combination of a stable economy, low inflation, low labour costs and a liberal business environment. Corporation Tax is 15%, one of the lowest rates in the EU. But investors are still advised to tread carefully. We offer a range of Lithuanian company formation services, so please contact us for further information about how we can help you. 

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What are the main types of Lithuanian company formation?

There are four main forms of company for foreign investors to incorporate in Lithuania:

  • Public Limited Company (AB)
  • Private Limited Company (UAB)
  • Partnership
  • Branch or Representative Office


    What are the main features of a Public Limited Company?

    • The most common business vehicle for medium/large companies
    • Minimum share capital is €43,443, at least 25% to be paid up
    • Minimum of three board or supervisory council directors
    • Auditors required to prepare annual financial statements
    • Company and its shareholders have limited liability


    What documents are required to register a Public Limited Company?

    • Incorporation agreement or act of incorporation
    • The company’s articles of association
    • Minutes of the founding meeting
    • Confirmation of Lithuanian bank account
    • Confirmation of share registration with Securities Commission
    • Report on company together with auditor’s opinion

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      What are the main features of a Private Limited Company?

      • This is the most popular format for smaller foreign investors
      • Minimum share capital is €2,896, with at least 25% to be paid up
      • No requirement for board or supervisory council
      • Maximum number of shareholders is 250
      • Company and its shareholders have limited liability
      • Conditional requirement for auditors (e.g. if annual revenue exceeds €1.4m)


      What documents are required for the company formation of a Private Limited Company?

      • Incorporation agreement or act of incorporation
      • The company’s articles of association
      • Minutes of the founding meeting
      • Confirmation of Lithuanian bank account


      What are the main features of a Partnership?

      • Available as a General or Limited Partnership
      • General Partnerships have unlimited liability
      • Limited Partnerships have limited liability


      What are the main features of a Branch or Representative Office?

      • Foreign parent is responsible for all liabilities
      • Branch can conduct trade within scope set by parent
      • Representative Office can promote but cannot trade
      • At least one manager must reside in Lithuania
      • No formal auditing requirements


      Company Incorporation Lithuania

      How easy is it to recruit staff in Lithuania?

      Lithuania used to be known as Soviet Silicon Valley, such was the reputation of its workforce for innovation and productivity. The Soviet era may now be over but its reputation remains intact. Lithuania’s workforce is generally young, well educated and very highly motivated, while labour costs are among the lowest in Europe. Recruitment is straightforward, so contact us today for further information.


      What is the regulatory environment like for those considering company incorporation Lithuania?

      • Government committed to a free-market economy and a liberal business environment
      • Member of the WTO and has ratified most international treaties
      • Investment laws conform to European Union standards
      • Foreign investors are free to buy Lithuanian companies
      • Unrestricted movement of capital and dividends
      • Double-taxation agreements with many countries


      Company Registration Lithuania

      Are there financial incentives available?

      For foreign investors considering company registration in Lithuania, investment incentives are centred on three Free Economic Zones in the cities of Klaipeda, Utena and Kaišiadorys. They include the following:

      • Tax holidays and tax reductions for companies investing over €1 million
      • No taxes on dividends paid on foreign investments
      • EU support funds for companies setting up in Klaipeda


      And what about banking facilities?

      Lithuanian banks offer the standard range of facilities, including foreign exchange and international payments. There are no foreign exchange restrictions. You will need a local bank account if you wish to set up business in Lithuania and we will be happy to help you with this.


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