Expand your Business to France before Brexit

If you’re a UK company owner worried about how Brexit is going to affect your trading options with the EU, you’ve probably already been thinking about how to avoid an unwanted impact on your business.

With Covid-19 already hitting companies hard, the added uncertainty of Brexit is going to put an extra strain on resources, especially in terms of paperwork, logistics and infrastructures.

France is the go-to country for international entrepreneurs

The UK’s nearest foreign neighbour France is the most logical move for any UK business seeking an EU base. With Ireland currently undergoing rows over customs border issues, France is a safe bet for any company director looking to avoid future problems.

For those in the exporting business, you can benefit from tariff-free and reduced tariff trade with nations that the EU has trade agreements with such as the U.S. and Japan which unfortunately, as of yet, the British government hasn’t been able to set up.

UK businesses are expanding to the French market

Under President Macron’s rule, France has thrown off its old guard of bureaucracy and is now forging ahead as a mover and shaker for international business, especially for those in tech and scientific industries. (Paradoxically, due to Brexit it may be the UK that ends up being the country known for being bound in red-tape!)

With the UK’s exit transition date coming to an end, France has been keen to offer incentives to foreign businesses and has been actively courting British companies in an effort to raise its profile as being the go-to country for international entrepreneurs.

Being one of the biggest economies in the world that has kept steady even in times of recession (due to the solid anti-risk banking system); France also has an excellent manufacturing reputation which is a boost to entrepreneurs who are in the product, trade and retail businesses.

Being home to one of the most exciting cities in the world – Paris – also lends a certain sophistication to businesses who are looking to market a brand or a label, and Paris is also now home to the biggest start-up hub in the world – Station F.

France company formation in 4 days

If you have your paperwork in order, starting a business in France now takes an average of only four days, making company formation twice as fast as its European neighbour Germany. There is also the option of setting up a branch in France if you’d like to keep your ties to the UK.

So instead of leaving it all to chance and realising you can’t work within the uncertainty of a post Brexit Britain, you’d be wise to start exploring your options and setting down roots in a country that’s both within the EU and is entrepreneur-friendly.

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