Start Up Companies

Start Up Companies

As someone serious about starting a new business it can often be quite daunting doing so in your own country. Setting up abroad or maybe where you don't speak the language can be very difficult. However, as you are no doubt aware there are some massive benefits in not only starting but running your business from Europe or anywhere else.

• Ireland for example currently has a deal where corporation tax has been dropped to 0% for the first three years.

• Spain has a VAT deal where the standard 18% VAT rate has been dropped to 8% with a further incentive of just 4%.

• In Germany you can set up your business with no share capital if you know how.

All of these are extremely beneficial for you and in many cases far better for growing your business than remaining in your home country, where cuts and business rates are gradually starting to infringe on effective business. European countries are trying to get small start up businesses established and will provide incentives to do so. This is a win-win situation as you're able to grow your business far easier with Open A European to help you along the way.

We Handle Everything

The pitfall of setting up abroad is that there are many legal requirements, some of which you are simply not allowed to do yourself. At Open A European Company we not only handle all the pitfalls and legal jargon for you but with established offices all over Europe and globally we have representatives that are not only nationals of your chosen country but experts in setting up companies in these areas. We quite literally "Hold your hand" from start to finish so you can concentrate on the important things that will grow your business. We also have a range of different packages to best find the solution to your needs.

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